The Bennett Lane Proposal Package

As one of the highest rated small family wineries nestled at the top of the Napa Valley, Bennett Lane Winery is the ideal venue to plan the perfect proposal. 

Romance and surprise are key!

Our proposal experience is tailored for you and your special someone with our host playing a pivotal role. The tour is portrayed as a normal tour, but your bride or groom-to-be is completely unaware of the romantic surprise to come!!

We start the tour with one of our top hosts. You’ll enjoy a relaxing walk through our vineyards, learn some interesting details about grape growing, and get a sneak peak at production, all while enjoying various wines poured by your host. The experience ends full circle back in the tasting room.  

During the tour, our host will discretely determine which of our wines your partner favors. This special choice, along with two glasses will be set up and ready for you at the “proposal station” at the end of the tour.  Our proposal station is a beautiful, private, vine covered gazebo overlooking the mountains and vineyards.

Once the tour is over, the host invites you out to the "proposal station" under the impression that it is a nice place to take a picture. Under the gazebo the bride or groom-to-be will be surprised to find a table with linen, the pre-selected proposal bottle, two glasses, and a corkscrew. At that point it is up to you. The team gives you space and privacy to propose. 

Our professional photographer arrives ahead of you and walks the property finding good shooting locations while you are on tour. They get a good vantage point and take pictures from a far when you are proposing. You won't even know they are there, because they will seem like a regular customer in the picnic grounds! After the proposal the photographer introduces themselves and you can stage the proposal again a few times to get the perfect shot. Afterwards you do a full proposal shoot at preselected places around the vineyards and winery. 

The whole experience generally takes around two hours.

The Bennett Lane proposal package is the most exclusive in the Napa Valley complete with: private tasting and tour, proposal set-up, pre-selected proposal bottle, the photo shoot, edited images to be mailed on a CD, Bennett Lane club membership, and your first club shipment. 

Please fully fill out the form below and we will reach out to you with pricing.

We will ask for a credit card and shipping details to hold your appointment. There is a $175 cancellation fee after booking, or if party is over one hour late.


For any questions please email or call 707.942.6684

The editing and shipping of the photo CD takes 3-6 weeks from the day of the proposal.

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