Our Labels 

Each of these authentic Roman denarius coins adorns our labels at Bennett Lane Winery. Over 2,000 years old, these coins pay homage to wine and its history in ancient Rome. Wine has been crafted and enjoyed for over 4,000 years, becoming and integral part of daily life throughout the centuries. These coins represent our link to the fallen era and the wine that brings us all together.


Goddess of Wisdom
380-325 BC
Adorns our Reserve Chardonnay


God of Wine
Adorns our Cabernet Sauvignon &
Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon

Magnus Maximus

Roman Caesar
235-238 AD
Adorns our Maximus Red Feasting Wine and
Maximus White Feasting Wine

Severus Alexander

 Roman Augustus
222-235 AD
Adorns our wine club exclusive wines