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                            2009 Maximus

                           2009 Cabernet

                           2009 Cabernet

                       2010 Chardonnay

                    2013 White Maximus

             2006 Reserve Cabernet

Vineyard Sustainability

At Bennett Lane Winery we are taking active steps to promote sustainability and responsible winemaking.  To that end we have implemented the following standards within our own vineyards as well as with our growers.  We feel that these practices not only help to produce exceptional grapes, but are also friendly to our environment here in the Napa Valley.  We take great pride in preserving this special place in California.

  • Soil Erosion Prevention Plans are actively practiced

  • Cover crops include no-till plantings of California native perennial grasses

Only organic and soft chemicals are used on grapes, vines and soils

  • All of our grape skins and natural winemaking by-products are composted after pressing

  • Compost is applied to add organics matter and to slowly release nutrients

  • Vineyard pruning's are chopped and tilled black into the soils to increase soil tilth

  • Frost protection sprinkler heads use low-flow nozzles for water conservation

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